Warmfill Factory most
efficent EPS factory in Britain.

how we have lowered our factory carbon footprint! 
– Up dating our Energy efficient lighting system saving 35%
–  New steam generator install June 2019 cutting fuel by 50%
–  Update fleet of installation trucks all Euro 4 compliment 10%
–  New lecture & training rooms ( please use the images sent )
– Encourage our customers & Architect to – Visit our factory.
At WarmFill we pride ourselves as Eco warriors so we must practice what we preach starting with our business model and  our own premises.
Above you can see some of the majory changes we have made to our Larne factory and we can now take pride that our Warmfill Factory is now the most efficient EPS factory in Britain!
We would encourage any clients or possible clients to come along for a tour and see how these changes have made a massive benefit to the environment and business!
If you are interested in visiting our factory please contact Judith.