Customer testimonial

“This is the first time we have used WarmScreed in our projects and we are very satisfied with our choice. The WarmScreed was installed professionally by their installers. We were particularly interested to see the screed overcome obstacles and the evenness of the sub-floors, totally encapsulating the services the floor heating pipes installed on top of the screed. the delivery system supplied by WarmScreed allowed to install up to 600m2 per day which greatly improved the time saved on site whilst we work towards tight deadlines.” Joe, Site Foreman, 20/02/2020

Delighted to receive this glowing testimonial from Joe regarding our WamrScreed product. Our revolutionary new thermal flooring screed; guarantees that your insulation can reach every cold spot in your floors

Further information on WarmScreed insulation is available via our website or simply call our office 028 90 427 933.