WARMSAVE LTD (Charity number: NIC103200)


Locally we have supported youth sport and further afield we have set up Warm Save, our charity. Warm Save has supported four different projects to date, namely:

  • RiverDance Lodge, Namibia
  • Kliptown Youth Program, Soweto
  • Indigo Bay Village, Mozambique
  • Water Berry Lodge Village, Zambia

We will match any donation (up to £1,000) to the Warm Save Charity on any completed contract.

Warmfill pledge 1% of our annual profits to charity.

Thank You For Your Support! 

RiverDance Lodge, Namibia

As part of the Warmfill Dream – Warmfill is highly committed to the on-going support to the projects currently being funded by the Warm Save Charity.

One of these projects and dearly close to our hearts is RiverDance Lodge in Namibia.

After a long journey, our parcels (for Christmas 2014) finally arrived some two months later – But much to the delight of the children who are being taught there and to all who work to raise the profile of this very important cause.

The ‘gifts’ included a variety of foods, utensils, sweets, books, sanitary items and seeds, to grow food for the community.

The photographs shown here on the site, perfectly depict the happiness of the children in receiving the items, which many of us take for granted as part of our daily lives and routines.  They equally show how lives can be enhanced with just a little thought and a passion to make changes for those in need.

Warmfill would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved and supported this mission by means of donations already received.

We continue to be committed to our work in this sector and there are now clear targets to double the current fund of £10K by the end of October 2015.

All future contributions are appreciated, where Warmfill pledges to match £1 for £1 monies received up to £1000.

Support our Social Conscience Programme – Change lives with the Warm Save Charity.